Nov 16, 2018

Carving Knife Set

I have been envious for quite some time when I see beautiful pictures of full tables with a spread from one corner to the other. Mainly because I'm no chef and I wish I could entertain the interest and actually succeed at producing such beauty.
Some days (usually completely random on the weekend) I actually get in a cooking mood. Don't get me wrong,  I cook everyday. Sometimes I cook twice a day or even three times if we are not working. However, I am generally basic. A meat and two sides but no real recipes involved. As soon as I received my new knife set, I was inspired to make a soup!

I browned my beef stew meat, tossed it in the crockpot with a beef bouillon cube and a cup of water, tomatoes I had preserved over the summer, carrots, potatoes and some of our summer corn. I usually have packets of seasonings for chili and beef stew so I tossed in one of those and by the time we got home from work, we could fill our bowls with the warm deliciousness.

We smoked a turkey breast and a huge pork roast last weekend also and these knives carved through like it was butter! I will certainly be the envy of the table when my family lays eyes on this gorgeous multi-colored knife set!

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Oct 26, 2018

Charcoal Buzz

So are we really brushing our teeth with charcoal? Can something so black actually whiten your teeth? I needed to whiten my teeth after the stains of my 4 coffees, a little soda and lots of chocolate each day had set in. (Don't judge)
I chose a natural whitener from Penebella. This activated coconut charcoal powder seemed to fit the bill according to what I was looking for.

This fine powder is a bit messy so be prepared! I have to clean my sink each time I use it! But hey, my sinks are cleaned at least three times a week. And don't put it anywhere near the vent or fan. All kinds of charcoal disaster will occur.

The picture below shows the difference between before my first use and after the second use. I could tell a difference immediately.

I say it is a winner as far safely and naturally whitening your teeth. Just use a separate tooth brush for this product. I also recommend placing a hand towel down before you gently open it.

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Support Braces

As we age, my husband and I have added a few support braces to our medicine cabinet. I have quit counting the times my husband has overturned his ankle and needed a brace for a few days. Certain weather conditions and my early morning treadmill runs have me in a knee brace occasionally as well.
I recently teamed up with Sleeve Stars to check out their line of compression like sleeves for various joints. We have the elbow support since my athletic child is ending her volleyball season but moving into softball season very soon. I tried this one on and it is very comfortable though they come in various sizes. They have a full line of supports from knee, elbow, ankles and more. I plan to purchase one of their ankle sleeves for the husband.

You never know when you might need a little support whether you are athletic or just aging gracefully. Having these on standby will keep your trouble spots supported while they heal or rest.

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Oct 20, 2018

Homemade Buttermilk Biscuits

Who doesn't remember and love grandma's homemade buttermilk biscuits? Being in the kitchen can be a fun experience and passing down common skills like making your own dough and baking delicious biscuits on Saturdays with my daughter is important.

I have tweaked a basic recipe because my husband says I never follow them anyway and we love the results. Oh yeah, thanks to Ree Drummond from her show The Pioneer Woman for teaching me to mix vinegar in milk to make my own buttermilk! Easiest thing ever.

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I make my buttermilk first and set it aside while I mix my self rising flour, two glops of shortening and two thick pats of butter.  I cut that up into the flour and slowly add milk to finish dough. You need a great cutting board to dust with flour and plop the dough on. Mine is bamboo and perfect for biscuits.

Bake at 400° for just a few minutes until they start to turn a little golden on top. Brush with melted butter and back in for two more minutes and perfection!

*Disclaimer* I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you.

Oct 6, 2018

Daily Probiotics

Having special needs children, I learned about probiotics years ago when my first child was fighting a serious infection around his cochlear implant hearing device. After being on antibiotics for a lengthy time, his doctor suggested we add a probiotic to counteract to negative effects of the prescription.

I can't tell you how amazed we were at the difference between taking the probiotics and not taking them. It did wonders for his little tummy and I have been a believer ever since.
I recently received this product to try (at a heavily discounted price) to share my thoughts and opinions. I always feel better when I take a vitamin or a probiotic just because I know it is of benefit for my body and well-being.

Not all probiotics are the same. BioGanix BioPro-20 Advanced Probiotic has 20 billion CFUs. It is resistant to gastric acid so it works better towards maintaining a healthy gut.

I highly recommend these or a similar probiotic product to add to your daily regimen for a healthy body and belly lifestyle. Taken once a day, you will notice a difference.

*Disclaimer* I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you