Sep 7, 2018

Ratchet Straps and Tie Downs

We have found many uses for ratchet straps and various tie downs over the years. Reading your instructions carefully on these are important for first use. You need to know what you are doing or they could snap causing injury or even death if not used or locked properly. Also, it is always advised to read and follow the guidelines on weight load as well because different straps and buckles are recommended for various weight capacities.
Ratchet straps actually have a mechanism that will crank to pull the strap tight. This can also be used for moving cargo or items around little by little as you tighten the strap and also for hoisting. A tie down doesn't necessarily have that option so you are using your strength without the ratchet. A regular tie down also relies on knots to secure if buckles aren't provided.

We use tie downs as rope often and use them also for common vehicle pulling and farm use. When we are hauling any type of load in the truck, we prefer ratchet straps. For our everyday use, we probably use the downs the most! These by Roraima, are the perfect addition to our lifestyle!

*Disclaimer* I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you

Sep 3, 2018


Avid hikers who often find themselves repelling have used carabiners for years as a climbing or descending tool. Their strength and durability can hold the weight of an above average grown man. But what else can you use carabiners for and why are they a must have for all?
You can often find carabiners clipped to the hip of someone who carries a large set of keys.  They work great a key ring and look cool as well since they come in a variety of colors. Carabiners are found in many truck beds or tool boxes in case you need to secure something you may be hauling or transporting. Campers use carabiners to clip and secure items to tree limbs or lines they have hung to keep their personals off the ground.

We use a carabiner as a mock lock on the door to our chicken coop. My son once used one as a belt buckle when his broke unexpectedly. Many people use them as a backpack extension so to speak, clipping anything from water bottles to rope and other essentials to the exterior of their pack. Putting up a hammock is much easier when using carabiners instead of just ropes and knots.

There are many more uses for these prepper must haves and once you own a few, you will find countless ways to put them to good use!

*Disclaimer* I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you.

Aug 25, 2018

All Natural Diaper Genie Deodorizer

The invention of the Diaper Genie has made life easier and less smelly for many years now. I had one 18 years ago when my first child was born! I used one for about six straight years having two children just two and half years apart.
Now let's improve that idea with Purple Safety's Diaper Genie deodorizers. These unscented charcoal sachets go directly in the Diaper Genie to filter away those stinky diaper odors. These sachets are organic, hypoallergenic, biodegradable and all natural! You just can't get cleaner than that.

These claim to work with any Diaper Genie or diaper pail but could be used as a garbage neutralizes or trash freshener. Either way you choose to use them it says to tape one near the top of the pail and place two in the bottom. These should last about three months before you need to change them out. That means this 12 pack will last you a year. That's a good deal! Nobody wants their home to smell like diapers for three years.

*Disclaimer* I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you.

Aug 9, 2018

Survival Bracelets

What if I told you, this single bracelet would save your life in an emergency situation? There are so many uses for the paracord alone, you could Google and read all day long! Leaving the paracord in tact you could hold, bind, strap, pull, drag or secure just about anything. When you think about unravelling it, the possibilities increase ten fold from fishing to stitching, threading, suturing and so much more.

This particular bracelet has a compass. People rarely use these anymore but if you are lost in the woods, staying on track is critical. A hidden blade behind the compass is the coolest feature here. Having that within this bracelet could be imperative in an emergency, especially if you are bound or hurt. And guess what? The blade would be on you, wearing it around your wrist and you wouldn't have to dig through a backpack searching for a knife.

I am loving this survival bracelet and highly recommend you get one like it. Very skilled and crafty folks can probably make one but for the price, you just can't beat one like This!

*Disclaimer* I received this product discounted to share my thoughts with you

Jul 29, 2018

Bluetooth Speakers

With technology advancing everyday, we have fallen in love with Bluetooth speakers. We can simply play our favorite music from apps, YouTube, or our playlists. Whatever your source of music is, a Bluetooth speaker linked up to a comparable device is a fabulous wireless way to enjoy your music and fill up the room.

This particular one has a FM radio which from a prepper's standpoint, should we have some type of attack or safety alert elevation, the live radio is where you would want to tune to, especially if you are not near a television. I received this one very discounted to review and though I haven't figured everything out (I hate reading instructions) I still can use it as a just a Bluetooth speaker if I do nothing else. It has a clock with an alarm, it is waterproof so you could use it indoors or outdoors, even in the shower!

It's wireless so I only need to plug it in occasionally to recharge. So far, I've only charged it once, and it hasn't needed it since so it's safe to say the battery life is long lasting. It doubles as a MP3 player and also has a hands-free calling mic. Being such basic people, I'll probably be content with just using it as a Bluetooth speaker and perhaps a FM radio should I need it!