Jun 29, 2019

Silicone Ice Trays

We have always used ice trays. I wasn't blessed as a child nor as an adult with a refrigerator that contained a water source to make ice. Just wasn't in it for me. But we have always kept ice trays in the freezer so I have bought many plastic trays over the years. I even as a child remember the metal ones and my wet fingers always stuck to them. We would painfully peel them off and hope most of the skin was still attached.

What an upgrade over the years as silicone has made life easier. I own multiple sizes and shapes of silicone ice trays now and use them all daily. My kids have fallen in love with these minis.

They love putting lots of smaller pieces of ice in their sweet tea as they drink the entire gallon. These trays can be used for more than just water. We freeze kool aid and other fruity drinks to have a little summer time fun. Another thing I like to do is put tiny pieces of lemon or other fruits in them. Cover with water and freeze. Adds life to plain water!

Whatever your desires, these silicone trays are way more durable than plain plastic trays. Fill them with your own concoctions and pop the ice out with ease!

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Jun 23, 2019

Budget Friendly Manicures

What to do in this oppressive Alabama heat? How about your nails? My fifteen year old daughter and I love fingernail polish and have quite the collection in an array of colors. So what better activity than a pre-church at-home manicure?

I bought this bundle on discount to get us started. It has several blocks in different colors. These are used as buffers and files. The pack also came with traditional emery boards but I live the colorful blocks. After we file and contour our nails to the desired shape and size, we apply the polish. I choose clear coat for the summer months but the teen likes bright colors. She will follow up with a top coat afterwards to protect the polish and done. Up next, pedicures!

Temperatures have already reached triple digits in parts of Alabama and it is only June! Invest in some indoor activities for you and your children. Have a fun and safe summer! We will be drinking our iced teas and displaying our beautiful nails.

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Jun 16, 2019

Bluetooth Earbuds

I have established my love for Bluetooth y'all know this. I am now obsessed with the wireless earbuds. There are many out there and you can choose whatever you like on the market, I chose these from True Wireless. TWS 5.0 waterproof earbuds have stereo sound with a built-in mic if you need it. I only listen to my playlist (like multiple times a day). It took me a minute to get them both connected but once I did, they worked great. Reading directions are are suggestion and I finally opted to read them.


These earbuds have a good battery life. I usually only wear them during workouts or occasionally around the house while I catch up on my chores. They come with a case and a good charging cable. It advertised as being waterproof but I haven't felt compelled to try that out.

Bluetooth devices have certainly made my life easier especially the wireless ones. I don't like sitting still for too long but love to listen to music without disturbing the rest of the house. If you don't have any, get some now. These make great gifts as well.

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you p*

Jun 7, 2019

Sumpri Ice Molds

Want to impress your guests? Serving ice cold drinks at your party, or non-party, will surely bring a charmed smile to any sweaty hot summer face this time of year!

I discovered Sumpri ice molds and have them in various sizes and shapes. My latest are these large round molds that dress up an average glass of iced tea, spritzer, or punch bowl at any of your summer get togethers!

#icemolds #sumpri http://www.amazon.com/gp/product/B07NYH6LF8
I own large ice cubes molds as well and mixing and matching these cubes are fabulous. Freezing fruit juices, or simply adding fruit to water cubes will up the antics and inspire your guests to get creative at their next party.  I have even heard of people dropping in herbs into their water cubes for decoration and flavor additions for dishes and drinks.

These ice molds make very large pieces of ice so if you are taking a drink to the pool, these will last much longer than the smaller versions. Grab your favorite cup, add one ice and fill it full. It's almost summer, have fun with it!

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Jun 5, 2019

Mini Tool Set

 I do not stress over gift giving. There I said it. Some people are more thoughtful and spend a lot of time searching,  pondering, looking for THE PERFECT gift. So not me. My attitude tends to be, look I bought you something, something that I felt you would use and enjoy. If I'm wrong sorry. Maybe next time. Donate it to a Goodwill or Salvation Army. But you got a gift!

Having said that, I do make my attempts to please. Even though I don't stress, or spend too much time away from regular activities for gift-giving, I hope my gifts are a hit. Father's Day is around the corner. Neither my Dad nor father-in-law need or want anything for the occasion but we are not very obedient in older age. In year's past we have taken them for lunch or breakfast because they like food, need food, and can use food. Always.

This year we plan to go back to just a small gift. Not only is it less expensive to do a small gift rather than pay for all of my crew to eat, it gives the joy and excitement of opening the unknown. The element if surprise makes people nervous but happy and excited.


This year,  each dad will be receiving a mini tool set. Each one comes in a hard case that keeps everything well organized. Didn't spend a lot of money but got them something they can use! Happy Father's Day weekend everyone.

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*