Sep 6, 2019

Insulated Tumbler
A picture is worth a thousand words. I love the beach. I love the beach in September best! The temperature is still warm but not unbearable. You can walk out with coffee in the early morning sunrise and have a cold glass of wine for the sunset. Aside from dodging the hurricanes and tropical storms the weather could not be more perfect. That is why we love it in September.

Luckily I was able to go over the Labor Day weekend for quick girl's trip. We ate at a couple of local restaurants and shopped at a few stores but for the most part, it was me and my new insulated eco-friendly tumbler. With its stainless steel liner, this mug is dishwasher safe and very durable. The clear lid also has a slide close lid so it doesn't spill as I travel.

Although I did use this on the beach to keep my drink cold, I typically use it for coffee on the daily. Perfectly fits my cup holder. I can carry 20 oz of my favorite beverage anywhere!

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Aug 17, 2019

Quick Dry Shirt
I love the sun. I love tanning, I love relaxing by or in the pool all summer, I love The beach. However, about 7 years ago I started having skin cancers. About 7 years ago after having my first surgically removed tumor (oooouuuuccchhhh) I started being more careful about my sunscreen protection.

I have also been more diligent about my children wearing protection from the harmful rays as well. My doctor recommended wearing UV protective clothing. I found these swim shirts (or fishing shirts whatever your preference).

Naviskin has an array of styles and colors in their clothing line, perfect for anything outdoors! We have shirts like these in the quick dry style and even dressier shirts to up your game. They work well and look as good as they function! I highly reommend. The quality is top of the line!

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Aug 5, 2019

Bluetooth Wireless Bathroom Scale

We have finally replaced our old out-of-date bathroom scale with this fancy wireless Bluetooth one. It pairs with an app as you step in the scale. A voice will read your weight so keep the volume LOW (haha) on your phone. Our old one would simply dial over to the weight and it was very unreliable being non-digital. With my aging eyes, I could barely even read it!

Once you are finished, you get a full,  easy to read weight report. This includes BMI, bone weight, fat percentages, and more! You may find out more than you want to know.

I do find the label I received quite humorous. It read Excessive Nutrition instead of calling me fat so I found that cute. This is an asset to any bathroom as you can easily follow your weight with the easy to use app. Whether you are trying to maintain, gain or lose weight, this tool will make it easier! The display is clear and easy to read. No pretending that you had no idea that a few pounds had crept up on you!

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Aug 3, 2019

Uses For Glow Sticks

As a prepper, I always keep a few dollar store items on hand that could prove useful in an emergency situation. One of those items is glow sticks. When I found a huge box of them online at a great deal, I stocked up. The box came with all sorts of accessories too. Aside from the connectors to make necklaces and bracelets, you can make crowns and headbands...cute cute! #goparty #glowsticks #partyfavors #bulkglowsticks

I kept a handful in my prepping room where you will find canned goods, bug-out bags, water, candles, etc. I gave my husband a handful for his camping supplies. He uses these as land markers at night and to put on the dog collars so he can see his camping buddies. The rest I left in the box and sent to the beach with my daughter. She and the 5 year old tgat went, had a ball with these. Everyone loves glow sticks!

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*

Jul 28, 2019

Men's Satchel

It is never too early to start buying Christmas gifts. I buy year round and set them aside until needed. At any given time of the year I have gifts for random birthdays or baby showers, you name it, I will have a gift on hand. I buy deep discounted products paying pennies sometimes! If I find the perfect gift for someone at a reasonable price, it's mine. I cant stand waiting to the last minute and ebding up with thoughtless gifts that I have no idea if tgey will even want or use.
I discovered this little gem for my daughter's boyfriend. He is an avid outdoorsman and always hunting, fishing, or kayaking somewhere. This men's satchel is perfect in every way for him with pockets, a strap to go around your body if you wanted to wear it, and in a mini backpack size. He can load this thing up and it not be cumbersome to use.

This one is sold on Amazon and very reasonably priced and I know he will love it! It is made by Antarc-tica Outdoors and he plans on getting a lot of use out if this bag! It us so well made, it should hold up to even the rugged teen outings.

*Disclaimer I received this product for free or discounted to share my thoughts with you*