Aug 23, 2015

Coca~Cola Life-free sample

The excitement of opening the mailbox and finding a box stuffed inside sealed with shipping tape with bees on it, makes any day better. I gently opened the box knowing what was inside, a free sample of Coca~Cola Life. This was my first real campaign as a BzzAgent.

So how was it? The Alabama evening had heated up so I took my chilled drink out of the cooler and sat in the old creaking rocking chair. With my feet kicked up on the old cabin porch, I found the Coca~Cola Life sweet, but not like a diet drink. I'm not a huge fan of diet sodas but this drink contained Stevia leaf extract and cane sugar. Even though it only had 60 calories, it had full flavor without the excessive sweet aftertaste.

I do have one confession, I enjoyed holding the little glass bottle. It brought back memories of being at my grandmother's house as a child. She always had the wooden case of Coca~Colas and we always had to put our bottles back when we finished so she could return them to the store when she wanted more.

I will be buying this drink for my family in the near future, in bottle form of course! If you are interested in becoming a BzzAgent and receiving free products for review, please visit the BzzAgent website today! 

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