Aug 15, 2015

If I Only Had a Dollar-Beans

In my first If I Only Had a Dollar series post, let's talk beans. Sure you can catch great deals on canned food items and I am always a sucker for good deals and I do take advantage of these items whenever I can. However, times are tough for a lot of people. Working in a rural elementary school I see it everyday and we too feel the crunch of living paycheck to paycheck often!

There are plenty of ways to save money from coupons to sales to bulk items but let's talk about the dollar and how powerful that can be. A dollar CAN feed a family and often that's all people have. I began thinking about my family of four and what I would spend that one dollar on if I had to feed my entire family on it.

 One of the first items to cross my mind was beans. I could take my dollar and buy a can of beans OR I could take that dollar and buy package of dry beans. Sure they vary in flavor, size and cost but believe me, you can find a whole package for a dollar.

Dry beans are a staple in my house. I stockpile these because of the lengthy shelf life and I know that if I put some in my crock pot before I leave for work, when I return home, I'll have a meal. You can certainly eat a bowl of beans flavored with your favorite spices and/or meats all by themselves. Often times I add whatever meat I have in the fridge (bacon, ham, pork, browned hamburger meat, etc) and when they are done, I place the beans atop rice or mashed potatoes and call it complete! Add a slice tomato and cucumber on the side or a slice of bread, my guys are satisfied. Most often we have left overs after a crock pot full of beans so that dollar is stretched to feed us more that once!

I usually put a handful of dry beans or peas in any soup we cook. I utilize my crock pot at least three to four times a week and my family loves soups and stews. You can search out bean recipes on your own but here are some that Food Network has to offer. From salads to soups, main dishes to sides, beans are very versatile and if I only had a dollar, beans would top the list.

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