Aug 22, 2015

If I Only Had a Dollar-Prepping Edition

There are plenty of ways to save money from coupons to sales to bulk items but let's talk about the dollar and how powerful that can be. A dollar CAN feed a family and often that's all people have. I began thinking about my family of four and what I would spend that one dollar on if I had my entire family had to survive on it.

In the last "If I Only Had a Dollar" we talked about family meals and how far the dollar can be stretched. Today, we talk prepping. Prepping for what? You don't have to believe in zombies to be a prepper. My family preps for more realistic events such as natural disasters and man-made catastrophes like economic crash. What if I told you your dollar right now could hold the power to prep for such events.

Think about a seed packet. If you bought a few seed packets on a whim and next week, all the grocery stores close indefinitely. A seed packet planted today, could feed your family when your supplies run out. 

Think about a candle or glow sticks. If the world goes dark, no power, no gas, this could be a survivalist's best friend. We have lighters, matches, homemade fire starters created from empty toilet paper rolls stuffed with dryer lint. You need to consider all of your resources if you want to survive.

Coffee filters can be used as a mask if needed to filter the air you breathe as well as filtering water and other uses. Get creative when you look at common household items.

Setting aside a bar of soap or a small hand sanitizer can be a luxury item should you find yourself without. My local grocery store has extra large bottles of water for around $0.30! I stock up all the time on these. We know that access to water will mean life or death in dire situations.

Here's your challenge. The next time you go to a dollar store, look around at the items and think outside the box. Ask yourself how you could use the item to help your family if circumstances change for the worse. Come back and visit and comment below what you discover and how you would use it! 

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