Aug 20, 2015

Pinch Me for free

That's right, Pinch Me sent me this whole box of goodies, for free! With my first sampler box I received the following:
Kellogg's Sour Cream and Onion Cracker Chips-They were thicker than chips, same great sour cream & onion flavor as chips have and even at 100 calories, I still only had half the bag. They were good and I will likely purchase these in the future as I'm watching my calorie count!

Gold Bond Ultimate-strength & resilience and the healing lotions-The strength & resilience had practically no scent so that's perfect for my friends who hate smelly/overpowering lotions! The lotions felt nice on my hands and did the job. The healing one had aloe and there was a soft pleasant scent to this thicker lotion. If I had to choose either for myself, I'd go with the aloe just because of the thickness and scent. Both were good lotions though.

Dentek flossers-These work. You use your own desired strength to apply the floss between the teeth and no doubt about, they work.

Naked Wine coupon card-We don't drink wine so I didn't use this one. However, looking at it, you must purchase $160 or more to use the $100 off. This would deter many of my friends but I'm sure if you are a great consumer of wine, this is a fantastic deal.

Scotch Brite Extreme Scrub sponge-I'm too tired to clean anything right now but I felt of this and I have no doubt this will work wonders. The soft sponge side combined with the stiff scrubbing side would pull any grime out of hiding without surface damage!

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