Aug 30, 2015

Water Your Garden for Free

Rain is free. We are not charged for the amount of rainfall that lands on the barn rooftop. I have heard of states trying to charge people for collecting and using that FREE water but at least here in Alabama, rain is still free!
Our barn sits on a hill right near our garden area. My clever husband got tired of running several garden hoses hooked together up that hill and over to our garden all summer long. So what does a clever husband do? He decides to collect the free water that runs off the barn's roof and redirect it back into the barn where he has two very large 300+ gallon tanks set up to collect, hold and redistribute the free water when needed.

When choosing the rain barrels or tanks, be sure the tanks are free of any chemicals that might harm your garden. You will, after all, be consuming the produce so you don't want anything but the rainwater so keep this in mind if you re-purpose a used container. We found these at a local hardware/feed store. We used PVC pipes at the bottom of the tanks and valves to control which tank we use and how fast we want the flow to be. The pipes exit the back of the barn where we can hook up hoses and use the water.

We not only use this for our garden, we wash cars and ATVs with this water. During cold winter months, my husband will keep the tanks flushed ever so often and we don't keep stagnant water too long. During the drought summer months we sometimes run low in the tanks from pumping water into our soaker hoses but just when we think we're empty, that beautiful free rain will fall once again and fill our tanks. You might be surprised how much water you can collect from a good shower. So the next time you complain about the rain, remember that it is free. Collect it and use it! As a prepper, we are thankful for this water. It never hurts to be prepared!

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