Sep 19, 2015

Secret Clinical Strength-the Bzz


So what's the Bzz about? On this campaign I was invited to try Secret's Clinical Strength antiperspirant (invisible solid). I received my free sample and the first thing I did was try it wearing a solid black shirt to my fast paced, high-stress job (the front desk of an elementary school). I mean, if it's going to claim to be an invisible solid, I want no evidence of it left on my nice black shirt!

I forgot all about it until the end of the day when I realized I was still completely dry, despite the angry parent I dealt with, the child with the badly broken arm I sent home, and the very sick child who cried for her mommy and all the other incidentals my day put in my path. Nice job Secret. My first try of a clinical strength antiperspirant was a success! ((Say NO to #StressSweat ))

If you would like more info on being a Bzz Agent, click here!

Centrum Vitamints Free Sample

The excitement of opening your mailbox and seeing a Smiley360 package will get even the meek and mild pumped up! On this mission, I was given free samples of Centrum VITAMINTS. This multivitamin comes in a chew-able cool mint flavor.

I'm a little particular about textures but this one was actually nice and smooth and easy to chew. Being anti-gummy ( I can't stand anything gummy, including worms and bears, oh my ) I was hesitant at first but once I determined it wasn't like that at all, I was fine. It was minty which made the vitamin pleasant and easy to swallow. For your free sample, click here.

If you are interested in joining Smiley360 and receive samples to review, click here.

Sep 13, 2015

The Bug-Out Bag

If you haven't put much thought into making a Bug-Out Bag, perhaps you don't watch the news or the weather. Almost two years ago, here in Alabama, a freak storm fell upon our state and a rapid deterioration of road conditions led many stranded. I tried to pick up my children from school and by the time I got home, I had slid off the road and then barely made it up the hill to my house.

Luckily, if we are caught off-guard in an emergency situation such as weather, unexpected hospital stay or any other predicament where I would need food, water, minor medical attention or a change of clothes, we are prepared!

Some of the items in my Bug-Out Bag include a whistle to call for help or scare off a predator, clean socks, cord, a high calorie energy bar, old pair of eye glasses and of course lighters and matches. Right now, my bag would likely need to be lightened should I actually be hiking with it on my back. I could certainly lighten my load a tad but I would need to see what the situation was and rid of non-essential items accordingly.

I already have my purse in survival mode. If you would like to see what essentials we can fit into our purses, visit my list at Influenster. The object of any Bug-Out Bag is to carry as little as possible....quality vs. quantity. Know why you have certain items and how to use them to the utmost potential. You life could depend on it!

Sep 3, 2015

Emergency Preparedness Month

September is Emergency Preparedness Month and according to the CDC, you need to prepare now. Many of us caught on to the bandwagon of stockpiling goods and emergency supplies on a regular basis. However, many who are not well stocked might find themselves in desperation should any type of emergency present itself.

Here in Alabama, we must remain on guard during tornado and hurricane season. My house may be placed far enough inland that a direct hurricane impact to the state might not be as catastrophic as it would be on the Gulf coast, but these storms tend to spawn off enough wind, rain and sporadic tornadoes on occasion that we sometimes are on the front lines as well.

On the CDC's website, you can find many articles on how to prepare for disasters during the calm before the storm in September. They recommend you keep at least 3 days worth of food and water in stock as well as batteries, flashlights, a can opener, etc. We also like to keep things like charcoal and lighter fluid should be be out of gas or power for a few days.

There are several companies who have began businesses based on the idea of emergency preparedness like Wise Food Company. I have used their products and have some of the smaller items in stock now right in my pantry. Right now you can even ask for a free sample to be shipped right to your door. Please click below to visit Wise Food Company.