Sep 19, 2015

Secret Clinical Strength-the Bzz


So what's the Bzz about? On this campaign I was invited to try Secret's Clinical Strength antiperspirant (invisible solid). I received my free sample and the first thing I did was try it wearing a solid black shirt to my fast paced, high-stress job (the front desk of an elementary school). I mean, if it's going to claim to be an invisible solid, I want no evidence of it left on my nice black shirt!

I forgot all about it until the end of the day when I realized I was still completely dry, despite the angry parent I dealt with, the child with the badly broken arm I sent home, and the very sick child who cried for her mommy and all the other incidentals my day put in my path. Nice job Secret. My first try of a clinical strength antiperspirant was a success! ((Say NO to #StressSweat ))

If you would like more info on being a Bzz Agent, click here!

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