Sep 13, 2015

The Bug-Out Bag

If you haven't put much thought into making a Bug-Out Bag, perhaps you don't watch the news or the weather. Almost two years ago, here in Alabama, a freak storm fell upon our state and a rapid deterioration of road conditions led many stranded. I tried to pick up my children from school and by the time I got home, I had slid off the road and then barely made it up the hill to my house.

Luckily, if we are caught off-guard in an emergency situation such as weather, unexpected hospital stay or any other predicament where I would need food, water, minor medical attention or a change of clothes, we are prepared!

Some of the items in my Bug-Out Bag include a whistle to call for help or scare off a predator, clean socks, cord, a high calorie energy bar, old pair of eye glasses and of course lighters and matches. Right now, my bag would likely need to be lightened should I actually be hiking with it on my back. I could certainly lighten my load a tad but I would need to see what the situation was and rid of non-essential items accordingly.

I already have my purse in survival mode. If you would like to see what essentials we can fit into our purses, visit my list at Influenster. The object of any Bug-Out Bag is to carry as little as possible....quality vs. quantity. Know why you have certain items and how to use them to the utmost potential. You life could depend on it!

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