Oct 5, 2015

Apple & Eve Freebie Review

I got my first real VoxBox (courtesy of Influenster) in the mail last week and it was a big one! It was a huge box of Apples & Eve Organic juices. There were some smaller juice boxes for the kids and a large one for me!

Let's start with the negative. I only found one and since I didn't actually try that flavor, I'm thinking it was all just taste preference. My daughter tried one that seemed sour or tart for her liking but it was a Quencher version named Berrylicious Lemonade. Which you would expect to be a little tart. The others passed her inspection with flying colors.

The positives I found were that a.) They are organic. This does ease the minds of worrying parents to know how "untouched" the fruits are in their original state.   b.) They are healthy. Being 100% juice, you are assured your children are getting the maximum vitamins and nutrients from their drink.  c.) They are convenient. Not only can you buy the bigger juice containers to fit easily in the refrigerator door, you can buy the smaller kid sizes for lunch boxes.  d.) Finally, they taste fantastic. I drank the Natural Style Apple flavor which was packed with rich flavor. I was thankful it wasn't watered down like cheaper versions.

We were really pleased with our samples sent out from Influenster. To learn more about my product reviews or see my "must have" lists, click here. If you are putting off trying the Apple & Eve product line, wait no more. They totally passed The Bama Life test!

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