Oct 18, 2015

How to Get Quality Free Samples

There are loads of free sample sites where you can sign up with your most basic information and receive a product in the mail, with little to no hassle and they don't expect anything in return other than your future business. Since I began this blog, I signed up with a few sites that do expect something in return or you'll likely not get any more free products. It's called product reviews. They send me free (often full size) items and I then blog about it, share my thoughts on Facebook and/or Twitter and everything I do earns me "brownie points" towards my next mission.

So far I have received all of these items from BzzAgent. To sign up to be a BzzAgent, CLICK HERE. They have the sharing tools right on your dashboard page where you can share your review, product information or even Facebook/Twitter posts with a simple click. It is super easy and I love what I have received so far. You can also link up your MyPoints account as an added bonus and when your points build, you earn free gift cards!

 Another site I joined is called Crowdtap. I have received two "missions" so far from this one and one is with Kleenex. They sent me pocket size packs of tissues to review and the other one I received was a full size bottle of Roc deep wrinkle serum. I am still using these products and will soon have my reviews ready for this site. If you are interested in being a Crowdtapper, CLICK HERE.  Here, aside from getting free samples, you get entered into drawings for gift cards, I won a $5 Amazon gift card my first month!

Pinch Me also has great samples and usually they will send you a full box of items at once. Pinch Me opens once per month at a given time/date and it is your responsibility to pick what you want fast before they are gone. There is a limit to how many you may choose and you will only see what they think is a good match for you. To find out about these samples CLICK HERE. They don't require you to do much afterwards, but maybe a quick survey on the products but you can share as much info as you like. Here is what I received the last batch of samples.
Another one that sends out a box full of items at once is Influenster. Here they are very specific about what they want you to do on a "campaign" and here again, they have all the tools you need right from your own dashboard so sharing, writing, photographing is made easy. To find out how to join this team CLICK HERE. From this site I received a huge box of Apple & Eve juices.

My final site I use is Smiley360. You can sign up for this one by CLICKING HERE. I really like Smiley360 because it is so user friendly and the products are great! I've received several types of vitamins already and Advil cold/sinus medicine. You earn points here and take quick one minute surveys to determine if you are a good match for each product so check back often to see what's available!

These keep me pretty busy and since I am no longer a stay-at-home mom and work full time during the week, my plate is pretty full with these. There are others I know. If I join anymore in the future I'll do an updated article but for now, my mailbox is full!

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