Oct 1, 2015

Point Rewards to Earn Gift Cards

There are countless sites out there where you can do surveys, read emails, do this, do that and earn points which you can redeem for free gift cards. I participate in three.

The easiest and quickest to earn points of the three is Superpoints. I log in each day and earn a point, click on the big Superpoints button to earn additional points (sometimes 250 or more)! There are plenty of other things on the site you can do for points like take surveys (I rarely do although these are pretty quick).To visit the website and sign up today, use my referral link. It's best to have "friends" or a network on this one so you earn each other points! My September earnings total for Superpoints was 6117 which I choose to save this time. I'm saving for the Paypal cash card which is 11,000 points but I could trade in now for smaller cards if I wanted. Not bad for about 5 minutes a day (no joke). It does take a little while to get these cards once you have redeemed them unless you are a Platinum member (I am not).

The next easiest is MyPoints. You should also use my referral link if signing up for this as well. I have earned 1622 points on this site in Sept but could have easily earned more! This one is great to click and watch a fast video and earn points but I also have my BzzAgent account linked up to it which earns me additional points. BzzAgent is an influencer site I use to get free samples for product reviews. (Click here for BzzAgent) There are many $10 gift cards I could go ahead and get but I'm holding out for a larger one. I rarely go here except on weekends but there is the potential to earn rapid points here if you wanted.

The final one I do is Swagbucks. There are so many things on this site to earn points from but I mainly turn on a set of videos and let them run in the background on mute while I'm working on the computer. I also use their search engine and earn points that way and with the daily poll question, I add an additional point. Again, the  potential is there to earn way more than I do, I just don't have the time to put more than about 5 minutes a day. In Sept I earned 879 points which I did trade some in for a $5 Walmart eCard. I will most likely keep trading these in for small cards like the Walmart ones and then do an online purchase for products from that store. The referral link for Swagbucks can be found here.

I spend no more than about 10 minute a day total since I open up tabs and can use different devices at the same time working sometimes all three at once. It's a quick and easy way to earn a little something extra without a lot of effort! If you have a favorite site for point rewards not listed above, comment below! Share the wealth of knowledge if you know it is legit!

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