Oct 12, 2015

Staying warm in the Winter-Plan A, Plan B and Plan C

Let's face it, we are all very dependent on our heating/cooling sources for our homes. We are at the mercy of the power company, gas and utility departments to keep the sweat off of our brow and the chill off of our bones. But what if that source was taken from us? What if the storm of the century falls over us and we find our families buried beneath blankets with fog on our their breath? How can we stay warm?

You should plan now (in the Fall) for the winter months. It is a great idea to have alternative heating sources and not limit yourself to one. Have a plan B! A couple of years ago, our plan B ran out and we had to resort to plan C. This worked out fine for my family and we even had a plan D if it became necessary.

When the power went out for a few days, we were fortunate enough to have a couple of two brick gas heaters to use as back up. Guess who ran out of gas? That's right, we did. The ice and snow made it impossible for a gas truck to come out to deliver. We are very rural and do not have the benefit of city lines. So what did we do? We blocked off rooms that we could live without and broke out the kerosene heaters. Now I don't recommend this if you have small children and these shouldn't be used long term but we were cold, and we had them in the barn along with bottles of kerosene so we stayed warm until the power came back on. These portable heaters can be dangerous and you should be very careful not to have anything near the heaters if you find yourself in this position. We do have fire alarms in our house and we monitored the heaters when they were on. Our plan D was to move out to the cabin which is a tiny little one room building my husband built years ago that is on the property. It has a wood burning stove and we could have totally stayed there if needed.

The point is to plan now. We learned a lesson and now that Fall has arrived our gas tank if full, we still have the kerosene if we get desperate and plenty of firewood to burn. We have Plan A, Plan B, Plan C and Plan D!


  1. Good plans.Keep my grandbabies warm.We just bought a gas heater to help our other gas space heater keep the house warm if the power goes off. Keep a plan.

  2. I agree you should prepare for the what if. One of the things my family does whenever the heat isn't working in the winter, is build a window box heater. This box is placed in the window and it allows the sun rays and converts it into heat. It's a great way to heat a small room and plus it's free.

    Rosa Nelson @ HVAC Philadelphia

  3. As winter has made its way, it's important to know how to stay warm when the luxury of heating is not available. You mention lots of great points and it sounds like you and your family will be warm and cozy this season! What kind of kerosene do you recommend?

    Melinda Rose @ Phoenix South HVAC

  4. Alternative heating sources is a must; you and I think along the same lines. Stocking up on enough gas is the route to go. We have at least a 3 months supply at any one time. Glad to hear you had the plan D with the Kerosene lamps, they must have been such a help, good luck this coming winter.

    Ambrose @ Brown & Reaves Services, Inc.