Nov 1, 2015

October Point Rewards Report

I admit, I've been a little lax. I've barely scratched the surface this month to collecting points from my three favorite reward sites. My top three picks are still Superpoints: CLICK HERE TO JOIN  This one is still my favorite and you earn points quickly. I even do surveys every now and then because they are so quick and easy. Point accumulate quickly. I even got a 1000 point win on the Super Button this time! Score.

Sept was 6117    Oct  was 5862  (I got lazy)

MyPoints, again I have been so lax what I've gotten there was with little effort. CLICK HERE to join this point reward site. I have exchanged a Wal Mart card and ordered several Christmas goodies with some of these points.

Sept was 1622 and  Oct was 484  for my monthly earns.

Swagbucks, I used some points here for Wal Mart cards as well to combine with MyPoints so I could get the early start on Christmas. CLICK HERE to join.

Sept was 879 and Oct I earned 256  I haven't watched the videos to earn the points like I did before. My goal for November is do way better on all of these sites. I can't wait to see the increase (and the gift cards) when I report next month!

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