Dec 1, 2015

How I Earn Free Gift Cards

How do I earn free gift cards for simply being online? Usually, when I'm online for a few minutes or more, you can often find a tab running some type of video or music. I like to listen to something while I'm blogging or nosing around on Facebook. As I'm typing now, I'm earning points towards my next free Amazon card. Today I'm using one I've only recently registered for and that's Zoombucks (click here to join). I pick which type of station I want to listen to and I have the radio in the background. I'll be honest, this is the only task I do here but if you want, there are surveys, click and earn type options, really a ton of things you can do. I just started and in November, I've earned 65.5 Zoombucks. I earn 3 "bucks" per half hour I listen as long as I go back each time and enter the Captcha code. It cost me nothing, I'd be doing it anyway, so why not earn points while I do my normal tasks. When I reach 300 Zoombucks I can (if I want) exchange my points for an Amazon gift card.

Let's move on. Another new one (new for me) I tried this month is RewardTv (click here to join). I have to admit, I'm not a big fan of this one only because you bid on items, and can purchase sweeps entries, but I had rather buy actual gift cards with points and I've not seen that here. This one is very easy though. They have many tasks you can do but I only do the tv trivia. I pick out five (the max) tv shows a day from the list and do my best at answering the questions whether I watched the shows or not. I don't always do great but I've earned 47,900 points this month alone...and it is so easy! It only takes me about 8 minutes to do the 5 short trivia quizzes. I suppose I'll go ahead and enter for the sweeps but the jury is still out on whether I will continue this one or not. (But I like having options)

Below you'll find my usual (and for me, my BEST ways to earn cards). I've compared last month's earnings with this month and I didn't cash out for any cards this month, I wanted to hold off a little longer and see what I do in Dec, then transfer my points for the bigger cards. I've been using these below for months and have received cards from them all and plan on continuing these indefinitely. Several of these work out better (for both parties) if you join with someone's referral code so feel free to use my links below!

Superpoints (join here)   Oct-5862  Nov-8348 (I put a little more effort into it)

MyPoints (join here)  Oct-484  Nov-602

Swagbucks (join here)  Oct-256  Nov-715

As you can see, I was highly disappointed in my efforts in October so I bumped it up this month...and we were out of school a whole week during Thanksgiving break so I was able to do more. Working full time outside the home may prevent you from earning as much while you are away but if you have multiple devices you want to run at the same time, many people earn thousands of points by doing that each day! The possibilities are endless. I use Swagbucks as my search engine and earn points there for my daily searches (and for any shopping I do as well)...MyPoints offers this as an option as well, both earn well for these tasks. We will be home two weeks in December for Christmas break so I can't wait to see what I earn then! Sign up today and get cards for Christmas shopping!

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