Dec 31, 2015

More For Free

While many are pledging to themselves to lose weight, get stronger or healthier, lower dept, etc....this girl right here wants more for FREE. That's right! I don't want to sound greedy but it has become a slight addiction to see what and how much I can get for free. My top websites to finding out where the free samples are as follows. I check them daily.
They take the work out of finding freebies. They list only the best ones and I trust their picks. I don't like the hassle of reading through a hundred emails to get one freebie so I usually unsubscribe to any of them as soon as I get the freebie and move on (if that is a requirement). These two gals have figured out what we want!

After spending about two minutes looking at the first two websites, I turn on my (3.)Swagbucks videos to run in the background, thus earning points towards free gift cards (Amazon is usually my choice) while I turn on the my (4.)PerkTv app on the tablet for the same purpose. To join Swagbucks click here, and PerkRewards click here.(use code 8814cb5a to earn 50 points at Perk)

If you are keeping up, I've spent about 3-5 minutes on my devices at this point and already boosted my FREE...let's move on. My top sites that I have memberships with (free of course) that actually send me items in exchange for my product reviews are (5.)BzzAgent (join here). I usually receive anywhere from one to four items per month here so far. It is usually in full size product form and the site is easy to use.(6.) Smiley360 is also easy to use. Same situation there, I usually get anywhere from one to four or more products per month. (7.)PinchMe only has products available once per month and you have be on top of it and grab them when they say go! They have the day/time posted on their site. (8.)Influenster, they seem like the higher end of freebies. They have great quality items but I do receive these missions less often, and that's partly my fault for not following through on a couple of them. But they have lots to offer, more than I even take advantage of but it's a great site. (9.) Crowdtap, I like this one, it's a bit overwhelming though with sooooo many opportunities to choose from. I usually just pick one or two and leave it at that.

After I check all of this, I usually have spent a good 15 min on the computer (more or less depending on how much there is to offer) but I've already invested that little amount of time into 9 freebie sites. Next let's just talk points. Reward points, like the ones I'm earning right now while Swagbucks is running on the laptop and Perk is running on the tablet. 10.) MyPoints, it goes hand in hand with my BzzAgent account so when I earn point from Bzz, I earn them for MyPoints also...fantastic! (11.) RewardShopping. I love this one and it gets a bad rap from some people but it just may not be their thing. It's very easy, click a button and earn points everyday, how easy can you get? Finally (12.) I use Zoombucks. I don't do it as often as I should, because it runs in the background as well, listening to the radio and earning points, yep!

So there you have it. I use all twelve of these (almost) daily! My total time is less than 30 minutes. I look at it as an investment. I can spend as little as 15 minutes some days if there are no amazing free offers for me and all I do is earn points.

To close my 2015 year out, I pulled all my points that I possibly could and cashed them in for gift cards so I can start fresh for the 2016 year. I'm ready to get started!

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