Feb 15, 2016

My free Ninja Mega Kitchen System

So, what does one do with a free Ninja Mega Kitchen System won from Perk? Make smoothies of course! Several times a week I use frozen and fresh berries, bananas, ice, orange or apple juice to make delicious and healthy juices. As a breakfast replacement smoothie I have combined the fruits, ice, skim milk and spoonful of peanut butter for a healthy protein shake! This machine was totally free to me playing Perk Scratch & Win (click here to join today).

This machine will definitely come in handy over time and I can't wait until summer when the fruits and veggies start coming in from the garden and trees. This will really boost my canning abilities!

Perk is an easy way to earn points for playing fun games, browsing the internet, shopping, surveys, or watching videos! I get several free gift cards a month and consider the Ninja, my big bonus!