Jun 15, 2016

Couponless Rebates

Who wants money back from your purchases? (Raising my hand) Me! Three simple apps I use do just that.

Let's talk Ibotta first. Click here to sign up and save. It's very easy to download and very easy to use. You get a $10 free sign up bonus when you upload your first receipt within 30 days of signing up. Free $10. There are many other bonuses aside from the offered product savings as well!

Combine Ibotta with Checkout51. Very similar idea and product savings but you can use both. For example, I bought milk and bread. I received $0.50 back from Ibotta on EACH item and the same on Checkout51 so I only spent $4.24 total but got $2.00 refunded back between the two apps. So essentially I only spent $2.24 for my gallon of milk and loaf of bread. Why would you not want to do this? Click here to accept your $5 sign up bonus.

Last but not least ReceiptHog. Click here to join this jewel! Here you don't select any savings you just upload your receipt. I have cashed in many times and received my payment!

Being ultra frugal I don't spend a lot on groceries anyway but I always feel accomplished when I get that little bonus back from buying what I normally would buy! And let's face it, I will never be a coupon queen!

I usually pick either PayPal or an Amazon gift card as my payment choice. Very easy!

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