Jun 21, 2016

Freezing Fruit for Winter Smoothies

I like little more than a nice creamy smoothie as I rush out the door for work, which happens to be high school. I have made good use of the Ninja Kitchen System I won from Perk Rewards a few months ago!

We are blessed here in The South to be able to grow lots of different varieties of fresh fruits. In my own yard I have plum trees, cherry trees, pear, apple and peach trees. We have grape vines, muscadines, blueberries and blackberries...an amazing plethora of fruit! So, what do I do with the surplus we don't consume right away? Freeze it!

I am no stranger to freezing fruits I buy in season and on sale as well, like bananas. If they begin to get too ripe, I slice it up, place it all on a cookie sheet and freeze individual pieces then bag up small servings and store in my deep freezer until I need it.

My peaches I dip in a little bit of equal parts water and lemon juice so it doesn't discolor but freeze it the same way. No waste and I can always have my delicious fruit smoothies!

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