Jun 20, 2016

Reduced Satellite Bill

I've often heard people say, "If you call your cable or satellite provider and ask for your bill to be reduced, it will happen!"

Every summer when school is out and I am home with the children (I also work in a school), I realize how much money we waste on TV. We never watch it! Honestly, my family of four probably spends about an hour and a half a day actually watching TV and that the first few minutes we are up and the last few minutes before we go to bed. We could literally live without it.

Being fans of the outdoors, that is where we spend out time. We ride AVTs, we swim, we care for the animals and the garden, we fish or simply sit on the old cabin porch and just enjoy the day. Why would we be paying $93 a month for something we rarely use! However, that exactly what we've been doing for years!

The day I came home from finding out my daughter needed braces (our son already wears them) I took a good look at our budget and where we might be able to pull from to cover this added expense. The most obvious place was groceries. I do not spend an incredible amount on groceries anyway so I needed an alternative source. Our satellite expense was ridiculous so I pulled up our account and looked at the smaller, cheaper packages. I opened the live chat box and explained to the lady that we really didn't use our TVs and were thinking of having the service removed since we had some unexpected medical expenses. Both of our children needed expensive cochlear implant supplies as well but without going into detail, I explained we were looking at our options.

First of all, I was more than willing to have it cut completely. We just don't really use it enough to pay that much for it. However, she jumped in and not only helped me set up the smaller package which was very similar to the one we were paying $93 for, she knocked an additional $15 off of it for the first six months so we are under $50 a month now. We cut our bill by nearly half and only lost a couple of channels we actually watched and you know what? E-v-e-r-y-o-n-e is still alive! They survived and really don't care!

So I have to agree, talk to your satellite provider and ask for your bill to be cut, and it can happen! I told the truth, I was more than willing to back up the threat of cutting it off completely, and in the end, my bill was drastically reduced. You don't have to settle for just a smaller package size, explain that you need it to be under a certain threshold when they give you a price and see what else they can trim for you, even if it is temporary!

*Disclaimer: If we watched movies, we would cut it off completely and just use Netflix but we do not. At all. We just watch TV for local news, etc.

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