Jul 7, 2016

Grocery Bags

I can't stress enough how important my grocery bags are to me. Not only are they eco-friendly being reusable but they get my groceries in the house without me calling in an army to unload my monthly buys!

The first one is the most important. It is durable, it is insulated, and it allows me to buy milk at one store and continue on to multiple sales as I make the most of my frugal shopping adventures. The cold items stay cold even in the Alabama summers without ice. You just close the bag and they chill by themselves off of their own coolness!

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You can see more from the affiliate ad over on the right column of this blog. These bags are a must, especially for warmer weather.

The other bags I use are not insulated. I simply fold them and store them all inside my insulated bag when not in use. They take up very little space in the trunk of my car. You can take them in the store or place your plastic/paper bags into them for the ride home. There is less dumping over this way and you can carry more in during the unloading process upon your return home.

Below is a set of 5- I highly recommend the flat rectangular bottoms!

I have used these bags for many years and I can't imagine buying for my family of four without them. These make great gifts especially for busy moms who probably didn't know they needed these!

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