Aug 1, 2016

How to Earn Free Groceries

Let me preface by saying this will take a small amount of homework before you ever go the grocery store. I have broke it down into steps to be sure you get everything, leaving one step off could mean the items won't be free.

**update** I no longer use Yaarlo. I had too many technical issues with the app.
  1. The apps you need. These can be substituted and/or combined as new apps become available over time. Checkout51-combine this with other apps and paper coupons along with sales for maximum rebates. The same holds true for Ibotta. I love the apps and if you are anti-coupon, use these two for sure. You use these after-the-fact from the comforts of your own home since they are actually rebates. I want to start using ReceiptPal as well when they have openings. I signed up and was told they are full but will email me when an opening is available. The third app is Yaarlo. (Use code VALBLAKE843) This one just allows you to upload the entire receipt and your account builds. At a certain level, you make a withdrawal. My fourth and final one I use each shopping trip is ReceiptHog. Same as the prior one, upload receipt and earn "coins" which translates as money!
  2. Finally, on to the next step. I already have these apps so this is actually my first step. I clip my coupons. I am partial to but you collect them by whatever means you like (newspaper, asking companies to mail them to you, online or digital)
  3. I only have about 25 coupons at any given time so once I know what I have on hand, I check out the apps and see if I have any coupons for the items listed on the apps. I make a list of these top pick items since I can combine the savings and rebates for maximum savings and earnings!
  4. I check out the sales. I have a minimal grocery budget so this is a must. I want to pay rock bottom prices only, even if I have to shop at two or three stores. It is a must! Again I make my list and mark the store, the item and price I should pay accordingly and if I see these items on the app also...SCORE!
  5. Shop, use your coupons and when you get home, use every single app!
Here is just one example from my trip this week...

This mayo listed for $2.98 but I had a dollar off printed coupon. I paid $1.98 in store. Two apps had a $1.00 refund ($2.00 refunded in my pocket) so I earned $0.02 and took it for FREE