Sep 10, 2016

Why I love Selling Avon

#1) I don't like being dependant on one source of income. Though my husband works and is satisfied with receiving his two paychecks a month, I only get paid once. This makes it difficult to stretch my last few dollars by that third week. I like having that additional source to make ends meet.

#2) I love getting those huge boxes and sorting them out for my customers and adding additional freebies. I recently used the cardboard container my canning jars came in to organize my samples. That way I can clearly see what I have left and when I may need to order more.

#3) The fact that I am providing quality products to family and friends keeps me happy. I love makeup (although they have cute clothes, jewelry and men's products as well). When I share the love of great products with my friends, we are both happy!

#4) It is very easy (and affordable) to get started. I was offered the opportunity during a Twitter Party. I passed the first time but the regret soon set in. The next time I was afforded the opportunity,  I took it!

#5) It is not that hard to do. You can sell online and in person. Avon products generally speak for themselves. They see it, they want it. With so many specials and sales, the incentives add up to either nice pocket change...or a comfortable living, depending on what you put into it.

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