Dec 29, 2016

How to Get Free Clothes from WalMart

Okay, don't take it literally must be crazy not to want your new clothes for free! Let's face it, I am frugal. If I can get it at a discount or for free, I don't feel bad for spending money on it...when it comes to shopping for myself.

Here is how I purchased all you see here for free. First download the Walmart app. It is free. Enter EVERY WALMART RECEIPT FROM NOW ON under the Savings Catcher section. Period. They compare prices and in two months, I had built up $17.00. I exchanged it for an eCard and shopped the clearance department of the app or .
I purchased two nice work blouses, two flip flops and three skirts! Each item was about $5.00 or less so combined with my remaining gift card balance I had already, earned from Swagbucks, it was free! I have Swagbucks on my laptop so I actually earned additional Swagbucks (aka points) since I made an online purchase. So technology I gained $$ from this purchase which is even more awesome. To sign up and earn free gift cards just for watching videos while you cook dinner, shop online, do surveys or simply answer a single daily here VBNBAMA'S REFERRAL CODE.