Jan 6, 2017

Freezing Juice

What to do with all of this fruit? We ordered a couple of boxes from the local FFA at our school, ate as much as we could, and still we had tons of fruit left over. I also had an excess of lemons and limes so rather than just freezing the fruit, I was more interested in saving the juice...for my morning smoothies.

A messy job I know but I brought out the electric juicer, sharp knife and cutting board and began. I spent about an hour and a half total and it was totally worth it! After juicing, I poured juice into small zipper freezer bags as individual servings getting as much air out as possible. I labeled a bigger zipper freezer bag and dated it, place all OJ together, all Tangelos, Grapefruit, etc. Now I can pick the desired flavor, set it out a few minutes before to soften slightly, and add it straight to my breakfast smoothie!

Being frugal I can't stand the thought of throwing good food away. When your food gets close to being expired, think of how you can save it for later! Refrigerate, freeze, dehydrate, cook, can? All possibilites!

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