Jan 5, 2017

Stockpile This, not That

Winter weather alert? I will be the first to admit that here in Bama, we are famous for last minute, let's all go grab milk and bread kind of prepping. Here's why I don't do that.

#1. Even if the power is out for days, we don't want to live off of milk sandwiches ((ewww)). We have a grill, gas stove, campfire capabilities, so we want to eat food. Real food.

#2. If I really need/run out of milk, I have a half gallon frozen in my deep freezer chest that I can cook with or use in cereal. Milk was on sale, I bought an extra, poured a cup out and froze. We already have milk.

#3. I have a bread machine if we keep power I can make my own AND you can always make bread in the oven. Learn how.

#4. We stock up in advance and just rotate our supplies to keep them from running out of date. Coffee (and instant for emergency), soups, tuna, flour, etc. are staples. We also buy dry beans that you can cook with electricity, gas, fire, whatever you have. Keep seasonings and bouillon cubes in case you do run out of meat. Think protein, that's what you need to keep you from starving (or feeling like it), adding what perishables you have like potatoes, carrots, peppers, etc as desired. Peanut butter is another essential at my house!

#5. Lastly, your personal items. We make sure we have our medicines, toilet paper, I keep the laundry done when calling for bad weather in case we do lose power...those are the things to stay up to date, oh and fuel. Make sure you have gas in the car and gas in the grill tanks, gas for the house, generator, atvs, whatever you need.

No need to run out for milk and bread! One little secret, we also keep a few bottles of water (refilled 2 liter soda bottles) since in our area, we are at risk for losing water if the pump down the road goes out. There is a pump that keeps my hill's water flowing so we like a way to flush the toilet at least if that goes out.

Bring on the winter weather!

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