Jun 28, 2017

MobiSave, Checkout51 and Ibotta

I have a new love in the world of savings apps. I still love my Ibotta don't get me wrong, use my referral link here if you aren't already cashing in on that deal!

My new loves are combining Checkout51(referral link here) and MobiSave(referral link included). I just despise using in store coupons because I am in a hurry, I hate shopping and I am lazy. However, I don't have to put a lot of energy into these apps and I save big time!

Check out today's finds. Rev wraps. I bought two at $1.50 each so $3.00 total and got a combined total of $2.25 back so I paid less than $0.38 for each one. I also got French's ketchup, paid $2.97 and on one app I got back $1.50 plus a $0.50 bonus. So for a huge bottle, I paid a mere $0.97.

My grand total back on the $17.84 worth of my app worthy items was $8.75! So those wanted and needed items were only $9.09. Be sure and use the links provided for possible bonuses when you sign up today for free!

And on a side note, I could get even more back after I enter my receipt into the Walmart Savings Catcher app as well. They will pay me back if items are on sale at another store in my area! 

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