Apr 18, 2020

Hemp for Dogs

I have said it before, but we live in the middle of nowhere. We have one neighbor named Peanut and another named Cornbread. That kind of middle of nowhere. When you live way out here, you rely on a good dog or two for protection, alerts, and companionship. They bark when someone pulls in the driveway, they run along side us on our trails in the woods as we ride our ATVs, and they let us know when coyotes are near. We love our 3 big babies, our protectors.

Our lab has painful hip issues. He visibly suffers from mobility issues with arthritis. When I heard about this product from PawMedica, we were excited to try it. Canine Mobility+ with Hemp supports healthy joint function. Buddy loves the taste and seems to have better hip relief after eating these "treats". We supplement these and only have to give him medicine on his really bad days. These chews are certainly Buddy approved! If we can make this guy mire comfortable in any way, we want to do just that.

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free or at a heavy discount to share my thoughts and opinions with you*

Jan 9, 2020

Felt Letter Board

I work by day in a busy office of a local public high school. We have less than 400 students grades 7-12 in the rural school. Back many many years ago when I was in school, I had a teacher that would write a word of the day on his board. We always were excited to see what that word was each day. He didn't make a big deal about it, but at some point in the week he would mention one of the words and the first one who could tell him either the definition or use it in a sentence when prompted, would earn extra credit points.

Obviously, I can't give them extra points being outside the classroom, but I can offer them a word of the week. A nonchalant way to add some uncommon words to their vocabulary as they come in to ask questions, seek help or yes, check in late. I have office aides to help me each class and this will give them something fun to do on Mondays or Friday afternoons. We are still working out the kinks with using the cursive letters. This particular board came with all cursive which makes it a little harder to read but we plan to use some lower case letters next go around to help aid in that.

I even heard some of the parents talking about the word this week so it must be working! I can't wait to see what the word is next week.

*Disclaimer* I received this product for free or heavily discounted to share my thoughts with you.

Nov 27, 2019

Glass Bowls

Mom's "tupperware" was empty butter bowls. We had a fridge full of Country Crock and we had to open the lid to find out what was inside. Was it spaghetti, potatoes or really butter? Who knew? Lets germ it all up by sitting in the floor and opening everything until we find what we we want!

After I got married, I have kept plastic bowls with random multiple lids in two of my cabinets. I envied those with elegant glass bowls with tight fitting lids. Their Instagram pictures looked amazing without plastic bowls and the food looked delicious nestled inside their glass bowl. I wanted glass containers and to be able to see what was inside the bowl without having to open it! I had Instagram Envy!!

How cute are these? A huge amount of bowl for the money and I must brag on the shipper for them being so well packaged! Not a single crack. I can see me using these and snapping fancy Instagram pics for years to come. No more cheap plastic to melt in my dishwasher. These will last so much longer.

*Disclaimer: I received these items for free or heavily discounted to share my thoughts with you."

Nov 20, 2019

First Aid Kit

Need a little something for someone as a Christmas gift? These first aid kits are perfect!


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Male or female these are in high demand anytime an emergency big or small occurs.  These kits are packed full of everything useful. There is a tourniquet for bleeding emergencies to help until emergency responders can get to the injured. A whistle is included as well if one should get lost or out of sight of other people. What a great idea!

Of course included is bandages, scissors, tweezers, alcohol wipes and other sterile products that could aid in an emergency. Being prepared is half the battle! Never go hiking or camping without a first aid kit in your backpack. A simple minor injury can turn into quite the situation if you are unprepared. This kit is going in our side-by-side machine we ride trails with every weekend. We have another we are leaving at a rustic cabin in the woods which is our favorite "camping" spots.

These small first aid kits from Sumpri would make great gift ideas for Christmas, birthdays or any other special day. And could be life saving!

*Disclaimer: I received this product for free or at a heavy discount to share my thoughts with you*

Nov 17, 2019

Medium Size Lunchbox

I am trying to lose to weight but I love to eat. I don't like being hungry! Working at a high school, I could eat at school in the cafeteria everyday if I wanted but I would not be able to fit at my desk if I did this. Pizza, crispitos, hot dogs and burgers, may not be the solution to get the results I want.

I take my lunch every day. I pack snacks like pre-packaged pretzels so I know I only have to give up 70 calories per pack and I can get my fruit in by taking apples, oranges, bananas, etc., because I do not tend to eat them at home. I just don't. But there's someone about fixing a picture perfect lunch and looking forward to it all morning.

Therefore, a great lunchbox is important. I like a medium size lunchbox because they are easy to travel with and have enough room for my water bottles AND my lunch. It has a nice size upper compartment for my snacks. The one pictured above is by Dininge. You can purchase directly through their website if you prefer.  I got mine from Amazon (discounted of course for posting). If you are looking for a well made lunchbox this could be the one for you. I highly recommend you check them out outline.

*Disclaimer. I received this product for free or discounted to share my honest thoughts with you*